Every month hundreds of native English speakers apply for teaching jobs in South Korea.


So what's the deal?


Benefits of Teaching in South Korea:

  • Average monthly salary of 2,100,000 KRW – 2,700,000 KRW
  • E-2 visa sponsorship
  • NO rent! Subsidized or free accommodation
  • Medical insurance
  • One month salary bonus upon 12-month contract completion
  • Pension
  • Paid vacation days
  • Free flight/ flight reimbursement

Ways to teach in korea

  • EPIK - English Program in Korea. It’s sponsored by the Korean government and places teachers in public schools throughout the country. 
  • SMOE Korea - Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. A division within the EPIK program that places teachers in Seoul.
  • GEPIK Jobs - Gyeonggi-do school division’s English teaching program. Government sponsored placement of teachers to work in the Gyeonggi-do area. GEPIK is recently integrating with EPIK.
  • Hagwons - private language academy, aka the very popular "cram schools" of Korea.
  • University teacher- Scoring a university position is the crème de la crème of teaching positions. Professors boast great work hours, pay and lots of vacation time.
  • English Villages- camp style setting where students frequently come and go. Provide situational immersion-based class and lots of camp-style fun.

Methods of Obtaining Jobs


  1. Recruiting agency
  2. Direct application

how Can I help you on your K-Journey?


With any big change in life, we seek the help of those who have been there before us

  • College/University - We attend information sessions, orientations and talk to upperclassmen
  • New Job- We seek the mentorship of current employees and superiors
  • Moving to Korea- My online course is meant to act as a mentorship program to prospective English teachers moving to South Korea. Moving to a new country with a very unique culture and starting a new job is no small feat. Just like any major life change, getting help from someone with experience and knowledge in the field can help save time, embarrassment and make the transition a lot smoother!