Next Chapter Korea

A 6 month Journey To Your Korean Dream


tell me..

What would it feel like to FINALLY relocate to South Korea??!!

Really, imagine if you stopped thinking about teaching in Korea and actually DID IT.

Picture living rent- free (hallelujah!), comfortably enjoying life (shopping, entertainment, eating out, etc) AND saving money!


Here, you would stop just trying to learn Korean and learn it naturally through full immersion.

Yes, it’s possible to learn this beautiful language that you love through real conversations, meaningful relationships, interactions and daily life.

On a deeper level, you need this relocation (more than you probably want to admit).


You know moving to Korea would help you BREAK out of your comfort zone. 

Where you are right now (your job, daily life, current social circle, etc) you aren’t being challenged enough, are you?

You know that relocating to Korea and becoming an English teacher will help you grow, explore your abilities and talents… learn who YOU are.

Ultimately you know it’s time to start a journey that helps you come out of your shell and become the confident, independent, brave woman you are meant to be!

But you don’t know how to get there.

You’re not sure exactly where to start in the application process. You’re overwhelmed by all the contradicting information out there and don’t feel confident in your ability to find and secure the job of your dreams (or any job really). 

But you CAN have your relocation dream. 

And you can get there with ease, security, and confidence that you’re ready!

Next Chapter is the 6 month mentorship and support program that transports courageous women to their dream destination and occupation of teaching English in South Korea.

In this program you will:

  • Feel secure in where you  want to apply and not worry about getting screwed over by an untrustworthy recruiter or shady hagwon

  • Breeze through the application process and know the exact steps you need to take, instead of second-guessing yourself on everything

  • Position yourself to be a highly sought after candidate so you can land your dream job in Korea and break free from overthinking and self-doubt

  • Get prepared to be a competent teacher that is able to truly make a difference in your students’ lives, rather than starting off your TEFL career drowning in classroom chaos, language barrier confusion, and cultural miscommunication.

You will also:

  • Have a healthy and realistic understanding of what this experience is and what it ISN’T

  • Create a profession ESL lesson plan to submit in your application and know how to create fun and engaging lessons for your future students

  • Build your Classroom Management plan so that you can command a classroom and gain respect (contrary to popular to belief, it will not be automatically given to you)

  • Know how to deal with the not-so-fun stuff of this experience like racism and isolation. Learn how through open and honest conversations, and real-world advice from Tonya Chen and guest speakers who are currently teaching English in Korea


Soul-seeking, adventure craving sister, Next Chapter is for you IF:

-You want to stop letting life, excuses, obstacles and overwhelm keep you in fear and procrastination around your dream of teaching in Korea

-You want to not worry about paying rent, comfortably make your student loan payments, and/or save money

-You want to explore the beautiful sights of Korea, enjoy the easy access to K-beauty and K-fashion, indulge in the best K-BBQ you’ll ever have, and have FUN- Oppa Gangnam Style!! ;)

-You want to stop playing small, stop allowing the people around you, your culture, and familiar settings keep you stagnant. And instead, you want to be intentional with your self-development and transform yourself!

-You want to impact the lives of your future students, educate others about your culture and country, explore cultural exchange and camaraderie with Koreans and fellow expats, and develop a deeper connection and understanding to a country and culture that has the world fascinated!


“CHeers to fearless living & no regrets!”


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“I enrolled in the Teach Live & Thrive in Korea course a while ago and I absolutely love it. It is so helpful! It was a great investment and there are so many sections that I go back to and it’s really helped me lessen some of my fears. A little background about me. I graduated from college in 2013 and, at the time, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to travel, but I didn’t know how I would’ve pulled that off. So I started doing some research about ways to work and travel and that’s how I discovered teaching abroad. So, for the past few years, I’ve researched and researched and researched. Before I discovered the Hello Tonya Teacher website, I had already had a clear idea of the process, but not so much in depth as Tonya provides in the course. After years (literally) of going back and forth with myself, this course has helped me take the plunge and accept a position in Jeonju! In short, this course has been a Godsend!!”

- Jerris Brown, private-school applicant
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Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 12.33.30 PM.png
“I had some information but it was all from different sources and information from all over the place..I wanted a location where I had verified information from someone who actually went through this process and knew what they were talking about. Before going through the course I had a lot of questions and they were answered from Google but I didn’t really know if Google had all of the right answers, so I was like let me find someone who has the right answers.”
— Nina Garcia, private school applicant