Are your EPIK dreams over?


No more English teaching jobs?

According to a recent article in the Korea Times,

"Tens of thousands of English teachers across the country are in danger of losing their jobs as the government is set to ban English education for children from preschool to second grade."

If you have been following the news on English education over the past few years then this is no surprise. Budget cuts, job cuts and thus higher competition has become the theme in South Korean English education job market.

So are your dreams of teaching English in Korea over?


What is over, is sending in an average application and having mediocre credentials. With less positions available the gloves need to come off, you need to truly SELL yourself in your application, essays, photograph, interview, etc.

Getting TEFL certified? Great. What else 'ya got?

Now more than ever it is imperative that you throw on your thinking cap and think of ALL the things that make you awesome, flexible, fit for adapting to new cultures, and fantastic teacher material. You must think about why YOU over anyone else deserve a spot in the program.

The two main areas to shine in your application are in the Essay and in the Lesson Plan.

Here are some actionable tips to use to help you get hired!

Essay pro tips:

  • Literally make this list of awesome stuff about you, your experiences abroad/ with other cultures, teaching/volunteering/tutoring, etc.

  • Write, revise, write, revise

  • Use the max word count

  • Send your application in as early as possible

  • Get someone to read over your essay and check for errors

  • Seek the help of someone who has been through the process

  • NO FLUFF! This is not a time to talk around a subject, be direct and answer the question

  • Read the directions. Follow directions (11pt font means 11pt font).

Lesson Plan Pro Tips

  • Read the directions and follow them.

  • Use your background. If you majored in Dance in university, create a fun lesson about movement. Don't send in a boring lesson plan on colors and expect to WOW the recruiters.

  • Have someone else read over your lesson plan. We make sense to ourselves in our head but you must make sure your lesson plan is ready for any average Joe to pick up and execute.

  • Keep it student-centered NOT teacher-centered. For example, word your plan like "Student A says"...." and Student B say's "...."

  • Details people! Give them as many juicy details as possible. What props will you use? Is there a seating chart? How will students be rewarded?

Put your best effort into these two pieces. Have the goal of inspiring the socks off the EPIK recruiter!

Most importantly maintain a good attitude and this will show up in your work. KNOW that if you are meant for this program, you WILL get into this program.

Be confident.

Even though this is just the application portion and not a live video interview, confidence and positivity can produce great work!

One favor you can do for yourself is get organized! Creating a quality application won’t happen if you can’t keep up with deadlines, for get to submit things , etc.

Stay organized and SANE with my Roadmap to Korea Checklist!